Everything you need to know about the new Tableau system for Windows!

When it comes to large, important companies, it’s essential to have tools to help you manage revenue, growth, and new content creation.

According to this, Tableau is one of the best business tools, ideal for both companies that are growing, and even for the biggest ones that have been in the Business World for years.

Actually, it never hurts to have a tool that allows us to take control of the company, and above all, keep an order.

If you want to know more about this fabulous tool, keep reading! You won’t be able to resist wanting to install it.

What is Tableau?

Specifically, Tableau is a tool used in business intelligence that allows you to manage your business growth, finances, statistics, among thousands of other options.

This intelligent program is not as new as it seems, but thanks to the growth of technology and its new versions and updates, it is positioned among the best programs for companies.

Tableau was officially launched in 2003, by its creator Chris Stolte . It should be noted that it is a program created in the United States, and in fact its main headquarters are in Seattle.

Also, this incredible intelligent program simplifies the raw data, and reflects it through graphics. Today, Tableau is considered Excel’s biggest competitor, as it can also create improved spreadsheets.

Tableau for Windows features

– Anyone can access it. Basically, everyone in the company can access the program if desired.

– It’s compatible with Windows 7 or later

– It allows you to create impeccable spreadsheets.

– Lets you create reports with business intelligence

– Anyone can use it, as it is a very easy to use program.

– Tableau has both free and paid versions.

Tableau versions for Windows

At the same time, Tableau has several versions available for use from Windows devices. Each and every one of them allows to extract information and form a base analysis for the company.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is the base or core Tableau program, which allows you to create smart charts, tables, analyses and reports.

It also highlights that you can create data books that will be shared publicly or locally.

Tableau Public

Mostly, as the name suggests, Tableau Public is free and is specially created to create charts, statistics and analysis that you want to share with people.

It is widely used by those who want to make themselves known in the workplace, either to get a job offer, or because they want to learn how to use the program without compromising information, among other things. In this version the content and data will be seen by anyone.

Tableau Server

On the other hand, here you can share workbooks, and only people with a license or access credentials will be able to access it. It can be said that this is the system most handled by big companies.

Tableau Online

Finally, Tableau Online is the most widely used tool in both web browser and Smartphone.

This version will allow you to share analysis and content online, and you will be able to save content in the cloud, unlimited, and often without the need to publish it.

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