Get a certificate in Tableau. All you have to do!

More and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to take courses from home. It turns out that participating in a course that provides you with knowledge and expands your range of work fields is a rather unique opportunity.

That’s why Tableau has set up online classes and courses through its website, where you can get a certificate.

Having a Tableau Certificate will certainly expand your career opportunities and, of course, your knowledge.

It is worth noting that no matter what country you are in, you can take the course no matter where you are!

If you want to know more about Tableau and the courses it brings to you, read on.

What does a certificate in Tableau give you?

Initially, Tableau gives you incredible experiences in marketing, business management and calculating. Together, it becomes the perfect tool for people who want to get started.

Tableau certificates are also quite comprehensive. That is, they will offer you various classes, videos, and online content of excellent quality for your growth.

At the same time, having a certificate at Tableau sets you apart as an expert, which expands your career opportunities completely. Plus, there is no expiration date on the certificate or program content. You can access it whenever you want!

Steps to get your certificate

However, the steps to obtain a certificate in Tableau are very simple. Below we will tell you everything you need to do to train on this platform and get your own certificate.

Register on Tableau

The main thing, of course, is to register on the platform. Registering will also be very easy, and you will only be asked for some information such as your e-mail address, name, surname, size of your company and the position you hold.

Participate in a training

The training is offered on the same Tableau website. In this way, through several videos of more than 20 minutes you will learn about data preparation, calculations and content management for a company.

Note that each and every one of these videos is completely free, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn!

Evaluation and Test

Once you’ve accessed the training videos and content that Tableau offers, you can apply for your exam and later receive a certificate if you pass.

The exams are entirely virtual, and last approximately 60 minutes. The evaluation method is: Simple selection, practice, among others. It is important to note that you will pass each exam with a score above 70 points.

On the other hand, taking the exams has a cost, since it is what allows you to acquire the certificate. Thus, the prices vary between 100, 250, 600$, depending on the level you request to present (Specialist, Professional, Associate).

βœ” Will you dare to get your certificate? Start learning in Tableau!

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