Power Bi vs Tableau comparison What is the best program?

More and more programs are being released to help people manage their businesses intelligently, prepare presentations, among other functions.

Starting from this point, Power Bi and Tableau are programs with similar purposes, which is basically to be able to keep track of information and data of a company, in a quite simple way.

However, the questions of which is the best program to manage business constantly appear.

Precisely because of this, we will clarify all the doubts and you will be able to make the decision, based on the function of each program, about which one benefits you the most.

What is Power Bi?

Initially, Power Bi is nothing more than a program created by Microsoft, which also works with Business Inteligence and allows you to create simple interactive graphics and visualizations, with the purpose of preparing content that you want to share in your company.

Power Bi can also work hand in hand with other Microsoft programs, such as Excel and Azure. In this way, you can expand the graphics, tables, or simply pass information from one program to another.

Obviously, the most characteristic feature of this program is how easy it can be to use. You can prepare presentations easily, and it is very useful for small companies.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a much more complex program compared to Power Bi, offering more tools and a better quality finish, but it can be more difficult to use than Power Bi.

You can also create easy-to-understand graphs, statistics, reports, and illustrated maps. However, the presentations are much neater in this program.

Power Bi Vs. Tableau What do users prefer?

There is a disadvantage in the number of users in Power Bi compared to Tableau. Tableau offers much more, and it’s also newer.

It’s no wonder that Tableau offers better services and finishes, since it’s a program that has been on the market for 14 years, and is constantly changing, adding new features.

Tableau also offers training, certificates and expanded job options. Perhaps this is precisely why the program is more widely used.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that Power Bi has also advanced, providing services in the cloud. Basically, this feature is similar to Tableau Online, where you can securely upload documents and jobs to the cloud.

Power Bi may seem like a very simple program, but that is precisely because this is the idea. It is created for users who do not have much knowledge about data and business management.

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